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Teatro Politeama - Palermo   Piazza della vergogna - Palermo
Mercato Vucciria - Palermo   Mercato Vucciria - Palermo   Mercato Vucciria - Palermo
Teatro Politeama - Palermo   Quattro Canti - Palermo
Palazzo delle Poste Palermo   Palermo   Palermo
Cattedrale di palermo   Cattedrale di Palermo - Interno

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Historic Palermo is concentrated in the area called Quattro Canti, and the B&B Delle Vittorie is 200 meters away.

Of notable interest is the Palatine Chapel and Norman Palace from the years 1130-40, located in the sumptuous Norman Palace; Cathedral built in 1170, where the remains of the royals of Sicily, including Frederick II and Roger II, and those of Santa Rosalia, city patroness. The Catacombs, the underground cemetery of the Convent of the Capuchins, erroneously known as "the catacombs", preserves the mortal remains of friars, famous people, wealthy people from Palermo and ordinary peopleThe church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti from 1132, located near the Royal Palace, an example of Norman Arab architecture.. Piazza Bellini, San Cataldo Church and Martorana Church. The Church of San Cataldo is the most representative example of the city in the Norman age.If you have time, visit the Spasm, the “homeless church”, An ancient deconsecrated church disemboweled by the bombing of the war that maintains an indescribable charm. Today it is home to a music school, as well as a place for events and shows.The church of San Francesco is one of the most beautiful monuments in Palermo, for some the most important both for artistic and historical value. In the same square there is an ancient restaurant: the "Antica Focacceria San Francesco" where you can taste the traditional focaccia with spleen and ricotta. The church of San Domenico, del Magione. The Pretoria Fountainan immense fountain of unique artistic beauty, with sculptures surrounding the square itself where the Palazzo Pretorio, today seat of the municipality; The New Door from 1583 adjacent to Palazzo dei Normanni and Porta Felice represents the entrance to the city from the sea side. Do not miss the Teatro Massimowhich was commissioned to celebrate the unification of Italy and inaugurated in 1897 after twenty-two years of construction. The Massimo theater in Palermo as its name says, it represents the first theater in size not only in the city but in all of Italy, placing itself only in third place in Europe, behind the Paris Opera and the Of Operhaus in Vienna. In the surroundings of Palermo do not miss a visit to the famous and beautiful Zisa Castle of Egyptian and North African inspiration and the Palace of Cuba. Gastronomy. The flavors of Arab influence are so pregnant that they are unforgettable and impossible to find in other places, but especially in other regions, not even by imitation: from cannoli to cassatelle, from sfincione to pasta with sardines, from arancini and panelle to muffins with ricotta . Now you just have to leave.

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